Earn Your High School Diploma

Your High School Diploma


The Jay County High School Annex at John Jay Center for Learning is providing an opportunity for students who have dropped out of school to re-enroll/enroll in Jay County High School and work towards receiving a diploma from Jay County High School.


The Jay School Corporation and John Jay are co-sponsoring a computer lab classroom for students to participate in an online digital curriculum program.  Through this program, students who have been unsuccessful in traditional classroom settings and are willing to work diligently towards earning enough credits can receive a high school diploma.  These classes are sponsored by the Jay County High School and are free. 


Student Eligibility/Enrollment

  • Student must be enrolled in Jay County High School.
  • Student must be within 15 credit hours of receiving their high school diploma (unless waived by the high school principal) prior to seeking enrollment in the Jay County High School Annex at the John Jay Center.

There is no upper age limit and re-enrollment can be done by contacting the Jay County High School or the Annex Program Coordinator at the John Jay Center.  Students don’t necessarily need to HAVE BEEN enrolled at Jay County High School previously but will need to be enrolled in order to be accepted in the Annex program.


Location of Computer Lab Classroom

The Jay County High School Annex is located in Room 103 at the John Jay Center for Learning.


Student Application and Interview


Students interested and who meet the entrance criteria must complete an application and interview with the Program Coordinator prior to acceptance in the Annex Program.

For more information on this program call the Program Coordinator at 260-726-6385 or email coverholt@jayschools.k12.in.us

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